My Travels

Lake on the grounds of Buckingham Palace
I love exploring new places and experiencing different cultures.  Over the past 25 years I have visited lots of places and discovered so many new experiences, places, foods and friends.  I started with England back in the 1980's and although I've been to many places since, London is still one of my favorites.  You can follow in my footsteps by looking at the photos.

London again plus Isle of Wight and the New Forest - August 2011
A week in London - March 2011
Slovenia, Croatia and England - August 2010
New York City - June 2010
Austria and England - August 2009
Germany for Christmas Markets - December 2008
Austria and England - August 2008
Germany and England - 2007
Scotland and England - 2006
Ireland - 2005
Sedona,Arizona - 2005
Holland and England - 2003
Florida - 2003
Austria - 2002
France and England - 2001 (just a few pix)
Guernsey, France and England - 1999 (just a few pix)