Although I love to travel, other things happen in my life as well.  Family and friends visit us and we visit them. We go to picnics, fairs, and shows.  This page is a place to put information and pictures from those events.

Dorrit from California visited
Regina, Thorsten and Shannon from Germany visited
Nephews Josh and Sam visited for Spring Break
Silvia and Lothar from Germany visited (pix coming soon)
Sally and Pat visited
Caroline from Scotland visited
Anne and Steve from Devon England visited
Paul from the Isle of Wight visited
We hosted foreign exchange students

Parties and Outings
June 2009 - We hosted an Ice Cream Social for my husband's church
August 2006 - Joan and David's 55 Wedding Anniversary and Family Reunion

Just Plain Fun
Fun with Gabby and Cassie (old pix)
Fun with the Raynaud Family