Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Finally going to see Paul McCartney in concert again

Had some really good luck today and I'm very excited.  I already had a vacation trip to London booked for next month.  I've had it booked for ages and then yesterday I learned that Paul McCartney was doing a charity concert in London (at the Royal Albert Hall) on the day I was due to fly home.

I last saw Paul in concert here in the Washington DC area in 1990.  That was 22 years ago!  In recent years every time he toured he either didn't come to DC or I was in England while he was here.  I was starting to feel he was deliberately avoiding me.

Anyway, today I managed to get tickets and change my flight (at no cost!) so that I can fly home one day later and finally get to a Paul concert.  I can't believe my luck.

And believe it or not, Ringo is coming to our area in June and his tickets go on sale in two days.  So this will be my year for ex-Beatle concerts.  Yippee!

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