Friday, August 26, 2011

Earthquakes and Hurricanes

While I was wandering around London in the rain on Tuesday, they were having an earthquake back at home in Virginia.  Although we've had small ones in the past that no one ever felt, this one was big for us - 5.8 on the Richter Scale.  People not only felt it but evacuated buildings.  At my work, most people didn't know what was happening, but they ran out in fear.

By the time I got home on Wednesday, all was normal again.  There were 4 aftershocks on Thursday, but I felt nothing at all. 

Now it is Friday and no one is taking about the earthquake any more because now hurricane Irene is bearing down on us!  She is expected to hit our area on Sunday morning at 2am.  It looks like we will be spared the worst.  The eye will pass closer to the east of Washington DC.  We will be on the "tamer" side of the storm and will have high winds and lots of rain but hopefully no real damage.

We are ready just in case with flashlights, spare batteries, bottles of water and foods that don't need cooking.  Cell phones are charged and the deck furniture is secured. 

We've got movies and recorded shows to watch and a stack of books to read.  Hopefully we won't lose power and have to read by candlelight! Stay tuned!

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